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Name:Shaken Not Stirred
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For drinkers and bartenders alike
Welcome to [community profile] cocktails, a community where you can find delicious new recipes, share your own concoctions and learn how to become a better bartender!

Posting suggestions:

*Share cocktail recipes and liquor discoveries;
*ask for suggestions for party drinks;
*post pics of cocktails you've made and review the recipes;
*discuss how to get started and how to improve;
*share cocktails you've invented!;
*debate the merits of drinks and brands or the great sugar argument (syrup or granular?);
*show us inspiring cocktail blogs;
*recommend & review bars;
*talk taste combinations;
*show off your liquor cabinet;
*find out where to buy special liquors & equipment near you, or good internet stores;
*revisit cocktail history;
*share tips;
*discuss the new cocktail trends or why you hate the current one;
*showcase favourite bartenders;
*review books or bartending courses;
*seasonal drinks;
*cocktail fashion (if there is such a thing);
*recipes for accompanying nibbles;
*pretty glasses;

Please don't post:
*Advertisements. The exception to this rule is for communities which are associated with the subject matter of this community. In this case, PM a mod to get it OK'd first, else it'll be deleted.
*Intro posts. If you absolutely must introduce yourself, do it as part of a post about something else.
*Posts that include the sentence "Mods please delete if this isn't allowed" or anything to the same effect. If you don't think it is allowed, don't post. If you are sure it's allowed you don't need to add this sentence and if you are really 100% unsure, PM a mod first. Posts that contain statements to this effect WILL BE DELETED regardless of whether they are allowed under other rules or not.
*Crossposts, other than to your own journal, in which case you don't need to inform us that they have been crossposted.
* Flames, personal insults, and/or sexist/racist/homophobic remarks. I don't really see how people can get upset over cocktails, but it's best to be safe. There will be a 3 strikes system.

Feel free to post recipes you have found in books or on websites here. Just include a link or the name and author of the book, as courtesy and so we can check them out too. Please note that although recipes and lists of ingredients are not copyrightable, the words used to express them are. So if you are going to write someone else's recipe here, don't just copypaste it, put it in your own words. Chances are you made it slightly differently to them anyway, so feel free to add your own steps or tips.

Tagging system

The good news is you don't have to worry about tagging unless you want to! Only the mos will be able to create tags, but we have a tag team to help tag back entries for easy finding. Feel free to join in! Post a comment here if you have tagging queries. At [community profile] cocktails the main tag categories are post type eg: recipe, review, rec, question, equipment, discussion. There will also be a list of ingredients mentioned under the ingredients: tag, so if somebody wanted to find all recipes for and discussions on gin, they could click on "ingredient: gin". Ingredients will be listed as generics rather than specific brands else there'd be too many tags. We also have a special tag for punch recipes, which will be punch. The tag system will probably evolve with the community.


Interests (150):

absolut, alcohol, amaretto, amari, angostura bitters, apéritifs, bacardi, bars, bartending, bellini, beverages, bitters, blogs, bloody marys, bombay sapphire, bourbon, brandy, brandy alexanders, cabinets, cachaça, caipirinhas, campari, canadian whiskey, chambord, champagne, classic cocktails, cocktail bars, cocktail dresses, cocktail parties, cocktail shakers, cocktails, cognac, cointreau, cola, colin field, collections, cordials, courvoisier, creme de cassis, creme de menthe, cuba, curaçao, daiquiris, dick bradsell, digestifs, distilling, don the beachcomber, drinking, drinks, ernest hemingway, f. scott fitzgerald, famous grouse, fashion, fizzes, fruit, galliano, garnishes, getting drunk, gin, ginger beer, glasses, godfather, gordons, grand marnier, grappa, grenadine, harry craddock, havana club, hendricks, hennessey, home bars, hot toddies, ice, improvising, inventing, irish coffee, jack daniels, jagermeister, james bond, jelly shots, jose cuervo, juices, kirsch, laphroaig, lemonade, lemons, lillet blanc, limes, limoncello, liqueurs, liquor, long island iced tea, maker's mark, manhattans, maraschino cherries, margaritas, martini, martinis, mezcal, midori, mint juleps, mint leaves, mixology, mojitos, names, non-alcoholic drinks, old fashioneds, on the rocks, orange juice, parties, photos, pimms, prohibition, punch, rare liqueurs, recipes, rum, salvatore calabrese, schnapps, sea breezes, secret ingredients, shaken not stirred, shots, slings, smirnoff, smoothies, soda, sophistication, speakeasies, st germain, stolichnaya, syrups, tanqueray, tasting, tequila, tequila slammers, the 1920s, the 50s, the 80s, the ritz, the savoy, tiki, toasts, tom collins, tonic, vermouth, vodka, whiskey, whisky, zombie
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