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Hi all -- I see this comm is kinda quiet, hoping it won't stay that way (life's too short to be sober) :]

Wondering about everyone's favorite cocktail places, mostly speakeasy types. My first introduction to REAL mixology was at The Violet Hour in Chicago. I've since been a number of other places, such as Death & Company and Apothèke in NYC, and Bourbon & Branch, Rickhouse, Beretta, and Absinthe in SF. But most of those were disappointments; Apothèke was the closest to TVH in terms of how adventurous the bartenders were, the quality and variety of ingredients, and the value for the drinks and the service. (Twelve bucks a drink is nothing if it's good and the bartender will talk cocktails and ingredients with me and mix up tiny bits of his latest creations.)

I think part of the reason why I like TVH and Apothèke is that I avoid sweet drinks like the plague. A splash of this or that, fine, but when something sweet is listed as one of the ingredients, I know it'll be too cloying for me to enjoy it. TVH and Apothèke have mixologists who tap into the potential of amari. And bitters. Oh, the bitters. Love. That's not to say they don't have sweet drinks -- they do -- but those places are definitely not catering only to the cosmo crowd.

Curious to hear everyone else's favorites, no matter which corner of the world they hail from!
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